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For your Beginner Knitting Lessons you will need:

Knitting Needles, Yarn and a pair of scissors.

Please note for Lesson 3: Colourwork, you will need a second, contrasting coloured yarn


Knitting Needles: 

I recommend learning to knit on a pair of size 4mm, 4.5mm or 5mm knitting needles.

These can be bamboo, wooden, metal or plastic. Whichever you prefer.* 
To start your knitting adventure, you are looking for standard length, straight needles (often 30 - 35 cms in length) 


*I personally recommend wooden or bamboo needles as plastic or metal can often be too slippery and/or heavy for beginners to manage. 



Whichever size Knitting Needle you opt for please make sure the yarn you knit with matches the size. You will find the recommended needle size for each ball of yarn listed on the label or online listing, for more guidance click here. We will discuss why and how this impacts your knitting in Lesson 1 of the Beginner Knitting Class.


Please ensure the Yarn is in a Ball for your lesson and not a Skein (loop/coil of yarn) - many yarn stores will offer to wind a skein into a ball for you at no charge. If not you can ask for this.


I recommend learning to knit with smooth fibres such as Cotton, Merino, Alpaca Blends or Acrylic as opposed to fluffy fibres like Mohair. I also suggest you avoid dark colours as it can be difficult to see the stitches clearly.


Other Handy Knitting Notions*:

Tape Measure

Tapestry Needle

Stitch Markers

Tip Protectors

A Project Bag - to safely contain your knitting project, needles and notes

A Needle Size Guide

Crochet Hook of a similar or smaller size to your working needles.


*not necessary to have for the Beginner Knitting Course

For The Circular Knitting Class: 3 Methods you will need

 1x 40cm Circular Needle (any needle size)

  1x 80cm+ Circular Knitting Needle (any needle size)

  1x set of 5 Double Pointed Needles (any needle size)

The class is a reference tool so not all needles are required at all times.

For The Beginner Sock Knitting Class you will need

 1x 2.5mm 80cm Circular Needle

  1x 2.75mm 80cm Circular Needle

175 metres of Sock Weight Yarn (per sock)

1x Stitch Marker

1x Pair of Scissors

1x Tape Measure

1x Tapestry Needle

Some Scrap Yarn or a Stitch Holder

Knitting Brands I Recommend:


Knit Pro (for Knitting Needles)

Clover (Knitting Needles)

Pony (Knitting Needles)

Drops (for Yarn and Knitting Needles)

Rowan Yarns

Where do I find Knitting Needles and Yarn?

You can find Knitting Needles and Yarn in your local yarn store either in person or many have online ordering options. I would encourage you to support your local yarn store when possible and have listed some I have personally shopped from in a variety of areas should they be relevant. Should you have a positive experience with a yarn store, please let me know so I can add them to the recommended list.


Stephen and Penelope (Central)

De Afstap (Jordaan)

Hooks and Yarn (Jordaan)


Netherlands Online



Wild and Woolly




Tangled Yarn


UK Online

Liberty London

John Lewis


New York

Downtown Yarns (NYC)



Purl Soho (NYC)

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