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Gift Guide: 6 Creative Gift Ideas

We all have that friend or family member who make choosing gifts for a challenge. Maybe they have 'everything', maybe they have more expensive tastes than our budget stretches to. Or maybe they just don't know what they could be interested in having a play with...

This little gift guide is to inspire you to think outside the box and consider creative gifts, presents that encourage having fun and taking a moment to just play.

This 48 page independently published book from UK print and photography artist Andy Greenacre is packed with creative tasks and exercises to inspire.

With a background in teaching Andy expertly and patiently guides the recipient through the chapters with space to sketch, paint and play.

Suitable for all ages (although some tasks will require adult supervision), you can order this book through Andy's Etsy store 'UnrulyPrint' now.

Who doesn't love a candle? Why not gift someone their own kit to make their own scented, hand-poured and ethical candles.

This kit from The Good Gift Company gives clear instructions on how to make 5 candles using the provided ingredients.

With the wax made from re-use of vegetable cooking oils this is a water saver gift too! A circular gift which can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

You know I have to champion learning to knit in this gift guide!

Find knitting lesson gift vouchers in both digital and physical form for a range of knitting lessons, courses, skills classes or just for a fixed amounts.

Your loved one can learn to knit from my pre-recorded lessons or book a 1:1 online class with me using my online booking calendar. Complete Beginners welcome!

The digital gift vouchers can be sent with a personalised message and scheduled to arrive in their inbox at a date you choose. The physical cards can also be sent with a personalised message and ship all over the world.

Whether re-creating a moment from the movie GHOST or not, this DIY Ceramics kit is bound to delight. Complete with kit, instructions and video tutorials on how and what to create.

What would you make? A vase? Candleholder? Trinkets tray? Knitting yarn bowl?

This particular ceramics kit from Amsterdam based Pansy is best for local residents as you need to take your finished piece into their lovely store to be fired.

Glazing home kits are also available. SHOP NOW

There are so many beautiful jigsaw puzzles out there now and each one requires the person to sit quietly and just concentrate on one thing.

That simple focus can be so refreshing and recharging. Add in a hot drink and maybe some relaxing music and you have got yourself a brain spa.

You can find puzzles on every topic and interest with an easy google.

For the person who seemingly has everything, a journal to regularly acknowledge your gratitude, reflect and ponder can be a wonderful gift.

Again encouraging your loved one to spend some time with themselves, just being grateful for whatever is in their life each day. It can be an incredibly powerful way to shift our perspectives from disappoint and frustration.

Any notebook would work but this is a fun one I found from indie stationers Papersmiths.

Even if none of these ideas quite fit the bill I hope they have sparked some other ideas for you. I often find looking through design blogs and the online stores of museums unearths some superb treasures that I get excited to gift my loved ones.

If you would rather give something you have made, with care and love...maybe something knitted? Then fear not as my next blog post will cover some gorgeous and speedy knits you can still make in time for Christmas Day...if you can knit of course. If you can't but want to, what are you waiting for? Beginner Knitting Lesson 1 is just €6, gives you lifetime access and will equip you with the knitting skills to make cushion covers, blankets and scarves.

You can always ask for Knitting Needles and Yarn for your under the tree gift and before you know'll be a knitter with a long list of requests from all who see and are amazed by what you are able to create.

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If you are a beginner knitter or simply want to brush up on your basic skills, check out my Beginner Knitting course, book a LIVE, Interactive class with me or pick the specific skills class you need with the Single Knitting Class options.

Be sure to sign up to my mailing list, The Loop, to be notified of all and any new classes and tips videos.


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