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Welcome to my set of Beginners Knitting videos available for €6 each.

These 45 minute Knitting Lessons will take you from complete beginner to intermediate knitter.


Each video is split into chapters so you can stop, rewind, re-watch

and learn to knit at your own pace. 

After buying any of the single video knitting lessons you will need to return to this page

to play your purchase.

Scroll for each of the lessons or click on a button below.

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lesson one

The Basics

In this video, we cover the basic Beginner Knitting skills: Casting On (starting), the Knit Stitch and Casting Off (finishing). Perfect to dip your toe in to see if you like knitting and me!

Knitting Lesson Requirements: You will need knitting needles, scissors and yarn to work with. For guidance, click here

After purchasing the video you will need to return

to this page to play it.

Buy it for €6, it's yours for life.