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frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to start the Knitting Lessons?
    You will need Knitting Needles, Yarn and Scissors. If you are doing the Beginner’s Knitting Lesson 3: Colourwork then you will need a second ball of yarn in a contrasting colour also. For more information see the Lesson Materials Guide .
  • Where do I get Knitting Needles and Yarn?
    Please see the Lesson Materials Guide.​
  • Can I join a Group Knitting Class?
    Group classes are available for a minimum of 3 people per class, these are available for those who wish to learn with a group of friends, family or colleagues. I currently do not run regular group classes due to the amount of admin involved in coordinating people and their schedules. Should you have a group of 3 or more and want to learn together, the group option is for you and I will be delighted to help you all learn this new skill.
  • How do I book a Private 1:1 class with Alice?
    You have the option of booking an Individual Knitting Lesson from the Beginner’s Knitting course, the full 4x Lesson course, a Knit Surgery or a Personal Project Session - click here to book. Once you have made your selection you will be taken to the online booking calendar where you will find the available slots to book your knitting lesson.
  • What is the Cancellation Policy for Face to Face Knitting Classes?
    Should you need to cancel your Face to Face Knitting Lesson, please notify me 48 hours in advance of the scheduled session in order to reschedule or be refunded. Should you wish for a rescheduled session the first available slot will be offered. All cancellations within a 48 hour period of the scheduled session will not be refunded or rescheduled.
  • When are the in-person classes with Alice?
    Availability does change based on demand. Choose the course of lesson you would like to do and you will then see my most up to date availability in the booking calendar section of the checkout process.
  • What can I do if there are no slots available for my schedule?
    If none of the regular lesson slots fit your schedule, please contact me and I will see if we can find something that suits us both. Alternatively you may want to try out one of my Beginner Knitting Lessons on video for €6 and see how you like it. Click here .
  • I already know how to Cast On and Knit, can I book individual lessons from the Beginner Knitting Course?"
    Yes, absolutely. You have 2 options for individual lessons. You will find individual face to face classes available below the full course listing on the ‘ Learn Face to Face ’ page. Each lesson is 90 mins and available for €35. Alternatively you can purchase for €6 each or the for €20. In order to purchase the individual knitting lessons on video you will need to sign up for the member’s area, this will give you access to see the individual classes and trailers
  • I need help with a specific pattern or project, can you help me?"
    Absolutely, book a Personal Project lesson . I look forward to de-mystifying your dream project with you and getting you knitting with confidence!
  • Can I learn to knit with friends or colleagues?
    Yes! you will find Group Beginner Knitting classes listed under Face to Face options here . These are available at a lower rate (€100 per person) than the 1:1 classes and are for a minimum of 3 people per class. Available specifically for those who wish to learn to knit with a group of friends, family or colleagues. Should you have a group of 3 or more and want to learn together, I will be delighted to help you learn and enjoy this new creative skill.
  • Where do I find the Single Knitting Lesson Video(s) I purchased?
    You will be able to view any and all of the Single Videos you purchased on the Single Video Lesson page (via the drop down menu: Knitting Lessons). Simply scroll to the Video Lesson you purchased and press play. You can watch this and all the purchased videos as many times as you like.
  • Where do I find my Beginners Knitting Course after purchase?
    Upon purchase of my Beginners Course, click on the members section of the website and simply choose the course you purchased. If you’re logged in, you’ll now have exclusive access to all the videos for that course embedded in one page. You’ll also receive an e-mail with a link to the member area. Please make sure you’re logged in to the site to be able to gain access to your course.
  • Can I download my Knitting Video Lesson purchase(s)?
    No. Unfortunately due to the length and high resolution of my knitting lesson as videos, they are way too big to download. However, they will always be available to stream to you.
  • Is there a time limit on my access to my Knitting Video Lesson Purchases?
    No, there is no time limit for any of the video classes at all. You are free to view them as many times, for as long as you wish.
  • How much does a Knitting Lesson cost?
    The Beginner Knitting Lesson course is €140 (4 lessons of 90 mins) The Beginner Knitting Video Lesson course is €20 (4 lesson of 45 mins) An Individual lesson from the Beginner Knitting course is €35 An Should you have a Personal Knitting Project you want help with, this is €45 per session A Knit Surgery session (for fixing repeat mistakes or addressing specific techniques) is €45
  • Can I Gift someone a Knitting Lesson?
    Yes, what a gorgeous gift! You will find Gift Vouchers here available for a range of options, both Face to Face Knitting Lessons or Self Paced Knitting Lesson videos. The Knitting Lesson Gift Vouchers can be posted directly to your loved one with a handwritten message which you state in the order notes at checkout.
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