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About Me

Hello, I am Alice and I am a former TV and Theatre Actress turned Knitwear Designer and Teacher. I am based in Amsterdam having relocated from London over 7 years ago. I have been knitting and teaching since 2005 and was instantly addicted.

Knitting continually provides me with a sense of calm, creativity and cosiness wherever I am, whatever is going on around me. Knitting is the perfect mindfulness exercise, it grounds and relaxes you once you learn to focus on the stitch in front of you rather than get overwhelmed by the whole piece. Getting to share this craft with others is a real honour. Over the years I have used my personal experience as a self- taught knitter to tailor and develop my knitting classes with your experience first and foremost. I aim to ensure you feel empowered and encouraged when it comes to whatever form of knitting you want to explore.

My knitting classes cover a wide range of topics such as Beginner Knitting Classes, Reading Knitting Patterns, Colourwork and Striping, Shaping Techniques, How to Knit Socks and more. If you don’t see the class you want, get in touch and let’s book a personal session to cover it.


Alongside teaching I run my unexpected knitwear labels

Wool & Water and Wool & Whiskers - I told you I was addicted, try a knitting class and soon you will see why!

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