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5 Beautiful Knitting Pattern Websites for New Knitters

I have been a self taught knitter since 2005 and a knitting teacher since 2006. In technology terms, that was eons ago! YouTube was a clunky unreliable resource in aiding my knitting journey and very few yarn stores had websites, let alone selling instant access knitting patterns. I relied upon knitting magazines and books (my jobbing actor in London budget usually only extended to pattern books from charity shops) to practice and hone my knitting skills but now, now there is wealth of knitting inspiration and opportunity to make items you, your friends and family really want to wear, allowing you to knit to your heart's content and really refine your knitting skills with pride.

A stack of blue, red and yellow knitwear with a white woman's hand lightly touching them

As quickly as a character in a TV show wears an interesting piece of knitwear, there are designers all over the world drafting up a knitting pattern and sharing them via social media. It's wonderful how global and accessible the knitting community now is, how accessible it has made learning how to knit.The online resources for knitters are vast and brilliant but, if you don't know where to look, particularly as a beginner knitter, finding patterns can still feel bewildering.

Where to Find Knitting Patterns

In this post, I share 5 of my favourite online places to get inspired and most importantly access knitting patterns all year round. Please feel free to share these with any of your knitting, crocheting or general crafty friends, 'gate keeping' is out and 'gate breaking' is in.


A screenshot of knitting website Ravelry
A screenshot of my current queue of 'one day' knitting projects


Ravelry is an online fibre crafting community and platform for knitters and crocheters all over the world to access a huge yarn database, patterns, finished projects, weigh in on fibre craft conundrums and endless forums that discuss anything from TV shows to yarn stores, non knitter expectations, vintage style, cats, and more.

It is free and an enormous wealth of global knowledge and experience pooled together. I use it to look up what people have made with yarns I have bought, find knitting patterns and projects for myself, friends and family, discover local yarn stores in areas I am list goes on.

You can find me on there as PaperRockScissors, along with pictures of lots of things I have made over the years, all linked to the patterns and designers and the needles and yarn I used. You can also see the projects I have queued up that I want to day!

The pattern database is exceptional, you can use the filters to determine whether you want to see only free patterns or those for purchase, determine your preferred skill level, yarn weight and needle size. Your knitting pattern search can be refined down to absolute specifics and there are plenty of free or digital purchase patterns offering instant access.

A screenshot of Free Knitting Patterns from Purl Soho
Purl Soho's Free Knitting Pattern Page


Once a beautiful high end craft store in Soho, New York, this contemporary knitting resource is now entirely online. They of course sell yarns (gorgeous yarns) but they also host a wide range of free knitting patterns (and crochet and sewing patterns to boot). Many of Purl Soho patterns are my endless favourites and I have made them for many a loved one. The knitting designs are always classic yet contemporary, stylish without being trend led. You will find both digital purchase and free knitting patterns for homeware (blankets and cushions), baby and children's garments and plenty of adult accessories too.

My personal recommendations include: -The Ribbed Hat

-Colourful Corner Blanket

-Fishnet Anklets

Top Tip: Should you find a pattern you like but are not sure what yarn to knit it with, head to Ravelry and look the pattern up. You will find a link to all the projects people have made from it and the yarn they used.

A screenshot of the knitting pattern website PetiteKnit
A small view of the patterns available on PetiteKnit


A wealth of gorgeous designs and knitting patterns from Danish knitwear designer Mette Wendelboe Okkels, this website will have you reaching for your knitting needles in record time. Mette's designs are for women, children, men and homeware and are both classic yet effortlessly stylish and well written. These are not free patterns but they are not expensive either, and most are available in a range of languages other than Danish or English.

If nothing else, visit Petite Knit for inspiration but I would be very surprised if you manage to resist buying just one digital knitting pattern.

Already purchased and waiting for me to knit them up are;

-Holiday Slipover

-LuluSlipover Junior

-November Balaclava

A screenshot of the knitting patterns from designer Good Night, Day
A selection of some of the delicious knitting patterns from Good Night, Day


Stunning knitwear patterns by Canadian knitter Tara-Lynn Morrison, these are modern, cool girl knits that will have everyone asking you where you bought your sweater from. Using beautiful yarns that help you almost feel the knitwear, this website should come with a warning to commit to knit before you buy all her patterns up.

GoodNightDay are primarily for all those who identify as female so your children and male friends will have to accept they will have to wait for their turn once one of these patterns are on your knitting needles.

You can also opt to order Tara-Lynn's pieces knit for you...but where is the fun in that?

A screenshot from the knitting pattern website Knitting for Olive
Irresistible Knitting Patterns from Knitting for Olive


Another beautiful Danish knitwear designer, Knitting For Olive offers you gorgeous knitting patterns for Adults, Children and Babies, all at €5 per pattern. A family run small business, the designs are elegant yet modern. Considered and full of love. I have knitted a few of the patterns for my daughter, in fact I bought the Chunky Lace Sweater pattern (sadly no longer available) to knit for my daughter's 1st Birthday after helping a knitting student navigate the pattern.

Once again, whether you choose to purchase a pattern or not, this website is bound to inspire you, even if only in trying some new yarns - they sell this too! If you have a yarn habit like me, browse with caution!


A white woman in a peach dress and white collar is smiling holding light blue yarn with knitting needles

Have You Got a Favourite Knitting Website

So there we are, my top 5 knitting pattern websites. I would love to know what you think of them or even better, if you have some others to share with me and the readers of this blog post. Just add them in the comments so we can all expand our knitting inspiration. Sharing is caring and knitting is calming. It is so good to keep gently broadening our creative horizons and challenging ourselves in order to grow our skills and our confidence, so whatever stage you are at with your knitting, do take a look. If nothing else you can set yourself some knitting goals for the rest of the year and beyond.

Not Feeling Ready for these Knitting Patterns?

If after perusing these knitting pattern websites you are feeling a little overwhelmed, or maybe you don't feel your knitting confidence is up to any of the patterns. Do not worry, you may be interested in my free bundle of 5 Beginner Knitting Project patterns. Simply click here and get the knitting pattern bundle in your inbox instantly.

A white woman in blue dungarees and red checked shirt is sitting beside a stack of brightly coloured stack of knitwear

Want Some Help Knitting a Pattern?

If you need any knitting tips, guidance or support check out my free Knitting TIPS page or if following a knitting pattern feels intimidating, consider booking a Personal Project Session with me and together we can break your knitting pattern down (while also recording the session so you can use it as a resource all the way through the project) into manageable chunks and get you happily knitting your dream project with confidence.


PIN it for later

A brightly coloured stack of folded knitwear with a white woman's hand lightly on top of it

If you are a beginner knitter or simply want to brush up on your skills, check out my Beginner Knitting course, book a LIVE, Interactive class with me or pick the specific skills class you need with the Single Knitting Class options.

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