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8 Reasons I LOVE Knitting

I started knitting at the age of 22, it was meant to be a fun way to pass the time while waiting to be called onto set - I was a TV and Theatre actress in the UK. However as soon as I started learning to knit, I was hooked. I literally could not stop. My first scarf was ridiculously long, un-wearably long because I couldn't stop...I also didn't yet know how to cast off until a friendly crew member on a BBC drama took pity on me and showed me.

I have continued to knit almost every day since that Christmas I was initially taught the knit stitch and today I thought I would share why I enjoy it so much.

1) Calming

No matter how stressful my day, reaching for my knitting and giving myself 15 minutes to knit each day, calms me down.

I often carry my knitting in my bag with me, so should a journey take longer than intended or I miss a connection, or while I wait for an appointment with that familiar thump of anxiety...knitting a row or two never fails to calm my breathing, relax my body and allow me to ground myself and recharge.

2) A Creative Outlet

Learning to knit provided me with a way to explore and showcase my creativity. Whether it is in my yarn colour choices, knitting stitch choices or personalising a knitting pattern, knitting allows everyone to express themselves, and often to great appreciation from non knitters.

3) A Sense of Pride

Every time I see a project forming on my needles, a hat appearing before my eyes, a sweater taking shape. I feel an immense sense of pride that I made and am making that. I may have had to learn new techniques along the way, possibly even had to undo and redo sections but it all becomes part of the story, part of my knitting adventure in creating this now wearable, functional knitted piece. And nothing beats that.

4) Making Things for Others

Which 'knits together' nicely with my next point...gifting my loved ones with something I handmade especially for them. It feels exciting and nerve wracking in the best way to hand over a jumper or hat that I knitted to show my love.

5) Connection

Learning to knit opens your world up to so many new opportunities to meet and get to know people. Most knitting stores host knit-a-long evenings or afternoons, or like me, you can host your own*. Knitting with a group of friends or friends to be is a lovely way to spend time together, chatting and socialising in a relaxed way. Plus you get inspired by everyone's projects and get to swap knitting tips!

6) Personal Space

The movement and space required by using knitting needles is a great way to non confrontationally claim your personal space, especially on public transport. Yes I am talking about the manspread. Pop some headphones in, pull out your knitting and enjoy reclaiming the personal space that you are entitled to breathe in.

7) Knit Anyplace, Anytime

This leads me to my other knitting love, that I can knit anywhere, anytime. Knitting is non threatening and portable. Knit in a public park, cafe, airport or even when competing in the Olympics.

8) Self Care

Last but in no way means least, knitting allows me to practice self care in a way that feels comfortable and accessible.

I may not always have the time and funds for a massage or spa day but I can make time to knit. On the sofa while watching TV, on the tram or even going to a cafe and ordering a chai latte and piece of cake to make it a real me time treat.

Knitting makes me happy, teaching knitting makes me very happy and seeing all things you make after I have taught you knit, absolutely delights me

I would love to know why you love knitting, or what learning to knit has brought to your life. Please comment below if you are happy to share.

*I am planning a Knitting Meet-Up in Amsterdam in the next few weeks, I would love to know if you would like to bring whatever you are knitting along to join and meet some other fellow knit aficionados. I will be sending out full info in my newsletter, The Loop, so be sure to sign up if you fancy joining us.

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