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The Importance of Casting On & Off

Which is your favourite part of a knitting project? The start aka casting on when it is all ahead of you, the knitting, the reveal, the challenges and achievements? Or do you love the final part, casting off, sewing in the ends and seeing the piece together, ready to wear and enjoy?

It is a tough call for me and sometimes depends on the project itself. In this case, my latest hat project, I couldn't wait for the final steps. Not because I didn't love knitting it, I really did, but because folding this Musselburgh Hat inside and seeing how it worked as a thick, 1.5 winter (hopefully) hat for my little girl was highly anticipated. And not just by me, my daughter was incredibly excited about it, as was my husband.

Funny how knitting can be enjoyable as a spectator sport almost as much as for the knitter themselves.

I can tell you that I believe really concentrating on learning how to cast on and off is the key to an empowering knitting experience as a beginner. Once you know and feel confident in how to start and finish you have some control and with that comes freedom. When I initially learnt to knit I wasn't taught either and it resulted in the longest scarf in the world. Literally, waaay to big to wear. It wasn't even fash-un style big. And the worst bit was when a friendly soul had helped me finally cast it off, I had no idea how to start my next project. This is why Lesson One of my Beginner Knitting course goes over both casting on and off so clearly and firmly. I don't want you to have the massive scarf problem, or the eager to knit, no idea how to start issue either!

To be a beginner knitter, to make scarves, cushion covers and blankets you only need to know how to cast on, off and the knit stitch...and you can learn all those skills with me within 45 mins. Easily, happily and confidently!

My husband helped me capture the finish and reveal of my latest hat project on video, so what do you think, which looks more enjoyable - the cast on or the cast off?

If you want to learn how to Cast On and Off, follow a pattern or conquer shaping techniques, check out the options to learn with me on the main page. To be kept up to date with my new knitting classes, tips and tricks sign up to my newsletter, The Loop.


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