Circular Knitting: What and Why

Later this week I will be launching a new knitting class on the website, 'An Introduction to Circular Knitting.' 3 different ways to knit 'in the round' for all your circular knitting needs and ambitions.

In honour of this new knitting skill class I thought we should talk about what circular knitting is and why it is such a helpful toolkit to have in your proverbial knitting bag.

Normal knitting, as you know, involves rows. We knit across the left hand needle and then rotate and swap needles before knitting (or purling) across the new row of stitches. Knitting back and forth. Circular knitting is knitting in a circle, knitting rounds instead of rows.

Circular Knitting is used to create anything tubular. Anything that forms a seamless tube. This can mean; hats, socks, sleeves, cowls, name it, if it is circular, knitted in the round, then you will want to add this very handy knitting technique to your superpowers.

You can knit things like hats and sleeves as flat pieces and then sew them together however circular knitting is not only seamless and speedy but can be much more portable than knitting on straight needles - definitely more socially acceptable when on public transport and your seat neighbour would like to avoid being nudged by your knitting elbows...yes I have been there and been full of apologies. Turns out knitters are only charming to strangers if they are not making actual and repetitive physical contact...

Circular knitting also helps you make the best gifts, once you have made sure everyone you love has a scarf and your sofa is full of your own cushion covers! Somehow everyone is always super impressed by a hat - and there are so many out there you are going to want to knit, explore and experiment with. Beret, Beanie, Cloche, Watchman, Baby Bonnet...these are just some of the styles I have knitted over the years for myself, my little girl, husband, extended family and friends.

There are several ways to knit in the round and in my new Circular Knitting class I cover them all, from how to use Circular needles in general to Double Pointed Needles and the highly addictive Magic Loop method. I teach you how to cast on in the round, how to join stitches, knit your rounds in every method and a whole lot more.

Circular Needles are needles that have a wire or rather a cable joining the 2 ends. These cables come in a variety of lengths jus