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Circular Knitting: What and Why

Later this week I will be launching a new knitting class on the website, 'An Introduction to Circular Knitting.' 3 different ways to knit 'in the round' for all your circular knitting needs and ambitions.

In honour of this new knitting skill class I thought we should talk about what circular knitting is and why it is such a helpful toolkit to have in your proverbial knitting bag.

Normal knitting, as you know, involves rows. We knit across the left hand needle and then rotate and swap needles before knitting (or purling) across the new row of stitches. Knitting back and forth. Circular knitting is knitting in a circle, knitting rounds instead of rows.

Circular Knitting is used to create anything tubular. Anything that forms a seamless tube. This can mean; hats, socks, sleeves, cowls, name it, if it is circular, knitted in the round, then you will want to add this very handy knitting technique to your superpowers.

You can knit things like hats and sleeves as flat pieces and then sew them together however circular knitting is not only seamless and speedy but can be much more portable than knitting on straight needles - definitely more socially acceptable when on public transport and your seat neighbour would like to avoid being nudged by your knitting elbows...yes I have been there and been full of apologies. Turns out knitters are only charming to strangers if they are not making actual and repetitive physical contact...

Circular knitting also helps you make the best gifts, once you have made sure everyone you love has a scarf and your sofa is full of your own cushion covers! Somehow everyone is always super impressed by a hat - and there are so many out there you are going to want to knit, explore and experiment with. Beret, Beanie, Cloche, Watchman, Baby Bonnet...these are just some of the styles I have knitted over the years for myself, my little girl, husband, extended family and friends.

There are several ways to knit in the round and in my new Circular Knitting class I cover them all, from how to use Circular needles in general to Double Pointed Needles and the highly addictive Magic Loop method. I teach you how to cast on in the round, how to join stitches, knit your rounds in every method and a whole lot more.

Circular Needles are needles that have a wire or rather a cable joining the 2 ends. These cables come in a variety of lengths just as the needle tips come in a range of sizes.

Double Pointed Needles are smaller length needles with both ends as needle tips, aka points on both ends rather than a little 'nub' like the end of most straight needles. This allows them to create knitting in the round.

Double Pointed Needles are often considered the most 'impressive' of the knitting needle options because they look so complicated to use. However as you will see in my new Circular class, they are really simple to work with once you know what you need to focus on. Yet they will continue to make you look like an absolute genius to non knitters when using them...ah knitting, so many benefits to offer :) to be added to the Learn to Knit Online Knitting Class roster is my Beginner Sock Class, a 3 part course which takes you step by step through how to knit a sock, from cuff to toe. If socks are something that you are interested in making or just want to start exploring with your knitting, then you will need to master circular knitting in advance. The good news is, I ensure it is not hard but fun and you will be guided through all 3 methods step by step in under 1 hour (54 minutes to be exact) with my new class - hooray! Once you understand all 3 methods you can then choose your preference for your first circular knitting project.

So if you want to add sleeves, hats and socks to your knitting achievements, it starts with learning how to knit in the round. My new class, 'An Introduction to Circular Knitting' launches on Friday 10th September, you will be able to watch a trailer via my newsletter The Loop on Friday. As with all my self paced knitting lessons, once purchased you have lifetime access to them. You can fast forward, rewind and pause them and each are fully chaptered so you don't need to guess where the bit you want to re-watch is.

Prepare yourself for a new level of knitting addiction and be sure to check out this new class on the website or via my newsletter, The Loop, from Friday 10th September!

PIN IT for later

If you are a beginner knitter or simply want to brush up on your basic skills, check out my Beginner Knitting course, book a LIVE, Interactive class with me or pick the specific skills class you need with the Single Knitting Class options.

Be sure to sign up to my mailing list, The Loop, to be notified of all and any new classes and tips videos.


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