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Knitting is... A Moment of Peace

In the midst of a day of toddler madness, constant supervision, picking up the weirdest of things in the weirdest of places (why is a bottle of shower gel on the kitchen floor??) knitting gives me a daily dose of much appreciated peace.

At some point over this last weekend, my daughter's attention was captivated by her doll for all of about 15 minutes - bliss! I was able to reach for my knitting and get some time on the baby hat I was making for a friend's new baby. The repetitive action of knitting, feeling the squidgy yarn in my hands, thinking of my friend and all she is learning to navigate as a new mum, it collectively nourished me and gave me a quiet moment just for me.

I managed to finish knitting the baby hat during my daughter's nap-time and reflected on how in the middle of the chaos of toys, half finished cups of tea and yet to be folded laundry, my knitting continually gives me a sense of myself. A grounding and a boost that served me well for the rest of the day. What are you reaching for to knit when those moments present themselves? Next on my needles is yet another hat for my daughter and a jumper for me!

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