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Knitting Is...Love

One of my oldest and dearest friends recently had her first baby, a gorgeous little girl. We never got to see each other throughout her pregnancy or her move from London back to Northern Ireland and that felt tough. Big life changes witnessed from afar. We have shared so much together having essentially grown up together as actors in London. Being limited to weekly video chats to get a sense of how she was finding all these new experiences felt, at times, frustrating.

Once her little girl was safely here and without either of us having any idea when I can actually travel to meet her daughter, hug my gorgeous friend and tell her how wonderful a job she is doing navigating newborn life...I turned to my knitting. Knitting for someone is the best way I know how to tell them that I love them. That they mean so very much to me that I want to hand-make something special just for them. So I have welcomed her little girl into the world with a raglan style striped cardigan (colours chosen by her mum) and a newborn beanie hat knit in 2 strands of Merino and Lambswool. These will no doubt be the first of many things I make for her, I just hope I can hand deliver one of them soon.

If you want to learn how to stripe colours, follow a pattern or conquer shaping techniques, check out the options to learn with me on the main page. To be kept up to date with my new knitting classes, tips and tricks sign up to my newsletter, The Loop.

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