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And here we Are...Welcome!

I am so delighted to see you here, this website has been a labour of love and dedication for my husband and I and now here we are, finally my knitting lessons have a lovely new, welcoming home!

I have been teaching knitting for over 15 years, borne out of my passion for my own self taught adventures. I had found that thing, that activity and interest that just clicked with me, inspired and excited me and I wanted more people to drink the yarny kool-aid. I started teaching friends in my studio apartment in London, soon it became friends of friends until one day, my now husband came home from work to a living room of 'strangers' all being taught to knit by me. He took me to one side and pointed out that I actually didn't have a connection to any of them and maybe it was time to formalise my teaching.

That started me off on the most amazing adventures as I soon travelled all over to teach people in their homes, in hotel bars and soon at organised group classes at a now extinct knitting store in London. I should point out that my 'day job' was acting, I had picked up knitting as a way to pass the unpredictable waiting times on sets as I filmed British TV shows. My side hustle expanded to knit for designers and independent labels, testing patterns and making samples and orders. I was, and still am, addicted to knitting.

I now live in Amsterdam, where I continued to teach and travel to teach, until 2020 happened and I shifted my lessons online, I am now teaching people all over the world, in their homes. I do this alongside running my own knitwear labels, Wool & Water and Wool & Whiskers

I have met so many incredible people, had the privilege of hearing their stories, what brought them to seek the creativity and calm tht knitting provides, enjoyed their successes and guided them through their hurdles. I could not be prouder to have shared the love of knitting with so many people and now finally my knitting lessons have a new home are available as Face to Face Online classes or as Self Paced Video is it your turn to pick up some needles and have a go with me at exploring a new skill? A new set of adventures? I hope so, I am ready and waiting to see what you are inspired by and how I can help you achieve it.

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